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November 21, 2019

Future Songwriting goes Lapland

The Future Songwriting workshops for teachers and pupils were recently warmly welcomed in Utsjoki. The visit received a lot of attention in the northernmost municipality in Finland.

November 13, 2019

The Equity in Composing project was featured in Kompositio magazine

Heidi Partti and the composer Riikka Talvitie were recently interviewed in Kompositio magazine. The article is available in Finnish.

October 12, 2019

New book on intercultural music teacher education - now available open access

Finally here! Visions for Intercultural Music Teacher Education, edited by Heidi Westerlund, Sidsel Karlsen, and Heidi Partti (Springer, 2019) is now available open access. The book highlights the importance of visions of alternative futures in music teacher education in a time of increasing societal complexity due to increased diversity.

September 19, 2019

A new book chapter on music eduation and religion

The currently published book Music, Education, and Religion: Intersections and Entanglements (Indiana University Press, 2019) edited by Alexis Anja Kallio, Philip Alperson and Heidi Westerlund includes a co-written chapter "The Performativity of Performance: Agency at the Intersection of Music and Religion in School." by Alexis Anja Kallio, Heidi Westerlund and Heidi Partti.

June 01, 2019

Yhdenvertaisesti säveltäen chosen as an Equality Act #tasaarvoteot

The Making an Impact with Equality Acts (2018-2019) program is based on the results and networks gathered during the 100 Acts for Gender Equality project. The Yhdenvertaisesti säveltäen (Equity in Composing) is now chosen as one of the Gender Equality Acts in the project. The project is coordinated by the National Council of Women of Finland and the Council for Gender Equality and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. #tasaarvoteot

March 31, 2019

Equity in Composing project tackles stereotypes related to composing music

The new project, Yhdenvertaisesti säveltäen (Equity in Composing) is launched! The research-based project aims to reduce gender-based occupational segregation in composing music. The purpose of the project is to achieve a positive impact in the role divisions, attitudes, and beliefs related to composing within the field of classical music. A key focus of the project is exploring new ways to advance diversity and equity in composition teaching. 

November 13, 2018

Article on gender inclusion in Nepali music education - now available open access

The article "A cosmopolitan culture-bearer as activist: Striving for gender inclusion in Nepali music education”, co-written with Heidi Westerlund, is now available open access. The life story of a musician from the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, is used to demonstrate what it takes for a “culture-bearer” to initiate radical processes of social change and transformation. In the qualitative narrative case study, we asked what kind of context-specific, socio-cultural negotiation was required to overcome the challenges the musician faced in including girls and women in musical learning in a Newar community. Published in International Journal of Music Education (2018, Vol 36:4).

November 08, 2018

Hooray! for Opus1 - the new composition pedagogy materials online databank

Heidi Partti's article "Pääsy sallittu! Jokainen saa säveltää [Access permitted! Eveyone may compose.]" has been published as part of the brand new composition pedagogy materials databank Opus 1. The online databank is a gateway into the world of musical composition. Intended for any institution or teacher providing music education, the databank includes inspiring insights into introductory teaching of composition and a diverse range of composition assignments particularly suitable for group tuition, small group tuition and individual tuition at music institutes. In Finnish only.

November 07, 2018

Invited talk at the Nordic Music Days

Heidi Partti is excited to have been invited to talk about Finnish composing pedagogy at the composing seminar, which organized as part of the 2018 Nordic Music Days. The seminar is hosted by Suomen Säveltäjät ry. (The Society of Finnish Composers) with the theme of Pedagogy and Equity in Teaching Composition for Young Students.

October 29, 2018

Keynote speech on future directions in music education

Heidi Partti has been invited to give a Keynote Speech at the Nordplus Intensive Course (NNME 2018) in Järvenpää, Finland. The theme of the course this year is Pushing Borders: Beyond Traditional Venues of Music Education. In her speech, Heidi will discuss what it means to be a musician and music educator in the ever-changing world and examine what might be required from higher music education in the midst of global challenges.

July 10, 2018

Seminar on the education of the Professional Musician

Heidi Partti will participate in the ISME Education of the Professional Musician Commission (CEPROM) Pre-Conference Seminar 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She has served as a commissioner with the Commission since 2016. In her presentation, Heidi will be speaking about composers’ strategies in developing sustainable careers.

July 02, 2018

Article on intercultural music education - now available open access

The "Teaching as improvisational experience: Student music teachers’ reflections on learning during an intercultural project", co-written by Heidi Westerlund, Heidi Partti and Sidsel Karlsen is now available open access. Published in Research Studies in Music Education (2015), the article explores Finnish student music teachers’ experiences of teaching and learning as participants in an intercultural project in Cambodia. 

February 12, 2018

A new book chapter on composing pedagogy

The currently published book Musician-Teacher Collaborations: Altering the Chord (Routledge, 2018) edited by Catharina Christophersen and Ailbhe Kenny includes a co-written chapter "SongPump: Developing a Composing Pedagogy in Finnish Schools Through Collaboration Between Professional Songwriters and Music Teachers" by Heidi Partti and Lauri Väkevä.

January 31, 2018

Great news from the Global Visions project!

Four Nepali music educators, who have have been working alongside Heidi Partti and other Global Visions researchers, successfully completed their Teachers’ Pedagogical Studies.  

October 24, 2017

What's going on in music education research?

Heidi Partti along with colleagues will be presenting current results on and discuss future visions of music education research. The seminar forms part of the festival week celebrating the 60th anniversary of music teacher training at the Sibelius Academy in Finland. (In Finnish)

October 17, 2017

A digital turn in creative music making

Heidi Partti will be presenting current research results on the impact of digital technology in creative music making and composing pedagogy at a seminar on Basic Arts Education. (In Finnish; part of the ArtsEqual research initiative)

July 31, 2017

Two new OUP handbook chapters on music education technology

The currently published Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music Education (edited by S. Alex Ruthmann and Roger Mantie) includes two new chapters by Heidi Partti: "Building a Broad View of Technology in Music Teacher Education" and "Pedagogical Fundamentalism versus Radical Pedagogy in Music".

July 19, 2017

Keynote at the APSMER'17

Heidi Partti will give a keynote presentation “Towards Cosmopolitan Musicianship in the Era of Total Connectivity” at the Asia-Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research APSMER’17 in Melaka, Malaysia.

June 29, 2017

New article on participatory culture published

A new article on participatory culture, co-written by Heidi Partti, Janice Waldron, Roger Mantie, and Evan Tobias has just been published in Music Education Research.

April 25, 2017

Symposium on musician-teacher collaborations

Heidi Partti will be speaking about a Finnish school composing project at the "Musician-Teacher Collaborations in Educational Settings” symposium at the Research in Music Education (RIME) Conference in Bath, UK.

March 29, 2017

Composing cultural diversity in higher music education

Heidi Partti will be presenting a paper together with Linda Toivanen at the Cultural Diversity in Music Education conference in Kathmandu, Nepal.

February 22, 2017

Book chapter in the new OUP Handbook of Musical Identities

The currently published Handbook of Musical Identities (edited by R. MacDonald, D. Hargreaves and D. Miell) includes the chapter “Identity formation and agency in the diverse music classroom”, co-authored by Heidi Westerlund, Heidi Partti and Sidsel Karlsen.

February 13, 2017

A digital turn in music making and learning

Heidi Partti will be presenting current research results on the impact of digital technology in music education and profession at the Rakkaudesta tieteeseen [For the Love of Science] event in Helsinki, Finland. (In Finnish)

February 01, 2017

The winter music festival MARS

As part of the program at MARS, a leading event for music business professionals in Finland, Heidi Partti will be participating in a panel discussion on the role of music business in education. (In Finnish)

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Säveltäjyyden jäljillä – Musiikintekijät tulevaisuuden koulussa

[In the footsteps of creative music making – Composers in schools of the future]

New book on composing pedagogy available now! Co-authored by Heidi Partti and music journalist, Anu Ahola. Available in Finnish in electronic version. (Printed version SOLD OUT.)

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